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In an era of computer generated everything, my goal is to affordably provide the absolute finest hand painted pinstriping available. reminiscent of our country's great past , when quality products second to none where painstakingly  hand crafted with extreme pride.

At Visionary Pinstriping , your satisfaction in having a one of a kind unique product that's sure to stop people in there tracks is my primary concern above all the rest. 

Visionary Pinstriping

 Scott Hohensees Visionary Pinstriping & Graphics is the go to place if looking for the absolute finest quality. with a lifetime of experience and extreme dedication to the craft you will be sure to be pleased.

Why have your car pinstriped at a dealership who's only concern is getting the job done as cheaply as possible, and will most likely call in the cheapest cut throat, in a hurry, so called "artist" that they can find, and that will most likely get a kickback from the salesman in exchange for practicing on your car.

Our clean professional facility affords me the opportunity to do my very best for each and every one of my clients. Please  DON'T have your car pinstriped in someone's driveway in the hot sun. these discount pinstripe jobs will not hold up and will be a source of regret for years to come and only serve to de value your automobile.

  Many of my competitors, because of their low grade quality can only get work by severly discounting there prices, thereby hoping to make it up in shear volume and finding themselves working faster and faster and sloppier and sloppier . Ok you get the picture.

At visionary pinstriping every vehicle in my care is as unique to me as is it's owner.

and you will be sure to receive the very best quality at an affordable price, with the average job costing just $175.00  While priced slightly more than my competitors you will always receive more than your moneys worth, and that's my guarantee to you.